B&J Podcast Ep. 12 – The Vagina Episode

Jimmy and Brendan

We are back! Brendan went missing last week having gone camping last week rather than spend an hour or so talking with me. Since I’ve been in a pop mood, we opened with Annie’s cover of “Two of Hearts” and ended with MU’s “Paris Hilton”.

We talk about:

* Go Girl, the female urination device
* Snowpiercer and The Host
* Grieving Koreans
* Brendan’s adventures in Sequoia
* Hobby Lobby and the war against women and the Affordable Care Act
* What if Christians chose the wrong religion?
* Power bottoms and how easy it is to mock fundamentalist Christians
* My illiteracy
* Shia LaBeouf and performance art
* Menstrual blood and its use in protest
* Fuck the Human Rights Campaign
* Two minutes of sports (which became 10 minutes)

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B&J Podcast Ep. 11 – The Non-Sports Episode

Jimmy and Brendan

Brendan and I talked nothing about sports in this podcast.

* I tell my really bad Farsi joke that cracks me up.
* We try to honor Tony Gwynn as best we could.
* We talk about Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter and how it stacks up in history. Kerry Wood and Harvey Haddix are mentioned.
* We talk about Eric Garcetti and his f-bomb.
* The obligatory OJ nostalgia trip.
* World Cup nonsense.
* Rian Johnson and Star Wars.
* We talk about the fisting class while in a car!!!

The podcast opens with Revolting Cocks’ “Beers, Steers and Queers” as heard on the Wax Trax Black Box compilation and ends with Coil’s “Teenage Lightning (10th Birthday Edition)” from Black Antlers. I even snuck in a bit of Foetus’s (J.G. Thirlwell’s) remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “Wish” entitled “Fist Fuck” from the Fixed EP.

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B&J Podcast Ep. 10 – Rick Perry, Are You Queer?

Jimmy and Brendan

First off, a shoutout to Hank and Petra from the Hillbilly Nerd Talk podcast. They sent along nice words about our little outfit we’ve got going on here, and they have an entertaining podcast as well. Hell, if anyone from Appalachia can stomach our filthy talk, then they’re worth listening to.

Of course, this is our first show on the weekly format. As you might notice, we did get this podcast way under one hour which was one of our goals. In this episode we talk about:

* The Kings winning the Stanley Cup.
* Sports stupid superstitions.
* Republican and voter idiocy.
* Stoning gays or stoned gays?
* More fisting talk.
* Why Matthew Harrison is a bitch.
* Gravy enemas.

Of course with the Kings winning, we opened with The Briggs’ “This is L.A.” and Mike Emrick’s call on NBC of Alec Martinez’s game winner in double-overtime. We ended the podcast with Josie Cotton’s “Johnny, Are You Queer?”

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B&J Podcast Ep. 9 – Failure

Jimmy and Brendan

A couple of changes to the B&J Podcast. Firstly, as you will notice in this episode, there are no more musical breaks. Just a song at the beginning, a song to close and that’s it. Secondly, this podcast will become a weekly podcast. We’re trying to get this to a more manageable length, so if the podcast is more frequent then maybe it will help? Don’t worry. We have our doubts about this, too.

The songs we played were Failure’s “Stuck On You” and “The Nurse Who Loved Me” to celebrate their concert at the Henry Fonda Theater on June 18.

What we talk about:
* The first ever Hello Kitty Convention
* Stockroom’s kink classes and why they’re important
* Fisting
* Brendan’s new computer
* My trip to the Watts Towers including being called “eccentric” at Hawkins House of Burgers
* Final thoughts on the IV shooter and hashtag activism
* LA Pride
* Folsom Street and Dore Alley Fairs
* Former MLB catcher Matt Treanor’s experience at Folsom

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B&J Podcast Ep. 8 – What’s the Big Deal?

Jimmy and Brendan

Brendan IS NOT DEAD! So rather that wait two weeks for a podcast, here is another one just one week later.

This podcast features the music of Kim and Kelley Deal: The Amps’ “Bragging Party”, The Breeders’ “Doe”, Kelley Deal’s cover of Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile” and Kim Deal’s new single “The Root”.

In this one we talk about where Brendan was last week, how I fucked up my ankle, that kid who went on a killing spree in IV, Barbra Streisand, how I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie, Pat Sajak’s denying science, Miguel Olivo biting off Alex Guerrero’s ear, Willow Smith taking a picture with a 20-year old and other nonsense.

This podcast even features guests: incestual lesbian dogs!

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B&J Podcast Ep. 7 – Brendan Is Dead

Brendan? and Jimmy

We’re deep in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and of course that means playoff beards. Of course Brendan’s beard apparently killed him. They went camping over the weekend, and Faith apparently killed him with her womanly wiles. So you are stuck with me mourning for this asshole.

Because this are half the hosts, here is half a podcast. We mourn Brendan with Haujobb’s remix of :wumpscut:’s “Die In Winter”. Then we celebrate with Kevorkian Death Cycle’s cover of Pet Shop Boys’ “It’s a Sin”. Then we honor Brendan and his meat is murder ethos with Skinny Puppy’s “Testure”.

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B&J Podcast Ep. 6 – That’s So Syphilis

Jimmy and Brendan

I don’t know what to say. I know this podcast is not meant for children, but we may have just crossed the line on this one. We don’t mean any harm — after all, sometimes you have to laugh through some ugly shit. But some people might misconstrue why we are laughing hysterically at certain things. Like when I say that someone looks like an AIDS patient pre-Kaposi’s sarcoma sores.

I guess if there’s anything to blame, here it is:

Salty Dog

A variation of the salty dog that Brendan made: a traditional gin and grapefruit juice in a salt-rimmed glass. But Brendan added rosemary and a habanero syrup that gave it a little kick.

In this episode I yell at Brendan for being an asshole, learning Brendan’s mom listens to us, EDM as the new Jock Jamz, a guide for kids taking drugs, some really offensive stuff, Donald Sterling and racism, I bemoan the fact I never had my shit together so as to become a teenage hooker at exclusive Hollywood producers’ parties, Courtney Love, Kim Deal, horse racing, pari-mutuel gambling, Rob Ford sex tape?, frothing of the muzzle and a whole bunch of other drunken nonsense.

The music featured are Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” with a cameo from Snoop Dog, Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”, Hole’s “Teenage Whore” and Pleasure Forever’s “Goodnight”.

Again, if you’re sensitive about shit, don’t even bother.

B&J Podcast Ep. 5: It’s 1994!

Jimmy and Brendan

Since it’s been 20 years since one of the best years for music, we do our little tribute to it. The music featured are Unwound’s “All Soul’s Day”, Jawbox’s “Cooling Card”, Hole’s “Rock Star” and Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair”.

The podcast is brought to you by sazerac, although it is not to blame for my utter lack of ability to string words together. We talk about:

* Music in 1994
* Mogwai live
* Couples making out in concerts
* P-22 and my ignorance of what to do if confronted with a mountain lion
* Donald Rumsfeld and Errol Morris
* Why we don’t really like President Obama
* Sex
* Fuck the AIDS Healthcare Foundation
* Yasiel Puig
* Bill Plaschke

I suppose it would be professional of me to either re-record this podcast or do some major editing in “post”. I guess I could have stricken a couple of “You know”s or dubbed Marvin Miller’s name where I forgot (yet I remembered Curt Flood’s name).

It’s still an entertaining podcast that actually had me cracking up as I was doing my weekly Sunday cleaning. Brendan clearly carried this podcast. I’ll do better next time.

So, warts and all, here is the new podcast!

B&J Podcast Episode 4: One Hour Closer to Death

Jimmy and Brendan

Here is our latest podcast offering, our best yet. We start things off with:

  1. Body Count’s “Evil Dick”
  2. Talk about my crippling depression I had on my birthday
  3. Bitch about trite Facebook birthday messages
  4. My perverted sexual dreams
  5. My not-so-perverted-but-equally-disgusting bowel movements
  6. Our love of Bret Easton Ellis
  7. The evolution of Geryon
  8. The discovery that Joaquin Phoenix was in To Die For
  9. The hilarity of the Dodgers opening day
  10. Our hate of Robin Thicke and his rape song
  11. Our little ode to Kurdt Kobain and much more.

The songs in this podcast were the aforementioned Body Count song, Liars “Mess on a Mission”, Trust “Geryon” and Nirvana “Endless, Nameless”.

Tell your friends all about the podcast that will scorch the nation worse than Sherman’s March to the Sea. Sure, you’ll have to cover your children’s ears, but as Pat Benetar once sang, “Hell is for children.”

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B&J Podcast Ep. 3 – Danzig’s Back Up Dancers

Jimmy and Brendan

Here’s the newest podcast using a name suggested by Dominick. I play with sounds and fall in love with the dance hall airhorn. We talk about the end of True Detective, what I should do for my birthday, my recent hikes, how shitty Brendan’s week was, the Dodgers in Australia, how fun the Dodger drama will be this season, and me having sex with lumberjack mascots.

I think we also have a new theme song which opens the show: Fly Young Red’s “Throw Dat Boy Pussy”.

The other music selections include Leaether Strip’s “Spellbound”, a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees, surtur13 (aka Derrick)’s “Mirage”, not a Siouxsie cover, and Josie Cotton’s “Johnny Are You Queer”.

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