B&J Podcast Ep. 8 – What’s the Big Deal?

Jimmy and Brendan

Brendan IS NOT DEAD! So rather that wait two weeks for a podcast, here is another one just one week later.

This podcast features the music of Kim and Kelley Deal: The Amps’ “Bragging Party”, The Breeders’ “Doe”, Kelley Deal’s cover of Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile” and Kim Deal’s new single “The Root”.

In this one we talk about where Brendan was last week, how I fucked up my ankle, that kid who went on a killing spree in IV, Barbra Streisand, how I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie, Pat Sajak’s denying science, Miguel Olivo biting off Alex Guerrero’s ear, Willow Smith taking a picture with a 20-year old and other nonsense.

This podcast even features guests: incestual lesbian dogs!

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