B&J Podcast Ep. 12 – The Vagina Episode

Jimmy and Brendan

We are back! Brendan went missing last week having gone camping last week rather than spend an hour or so talking with me. Since I’ve been in a pop mood, we opened with Annie’s cover of “Two of Hearts” and ended with MU’s “Paris Hilton”.

We talk about:

* Go Girl, the female urination device
* Snowpiercer and The Host
* Grieving Koreans
* Brendan’s adventures in Sequoia
* Hobby Lobby and the war against women and the Affordable Care Act
* What if Christians chose the wrong religion?
* Power bottoms and how easy it is to mock fundamentalist Christians
* My illiteracy
* Shia LaBeouf and performance art
* Menstrual blood and its use in protest
* Fuck the Human Rights Campaign
* Two minutes of sports (which became 10 minutes)

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