B&J Podcast Ep. 11 – The Non-Sports Episode

Jimmy and Brendan

Brendan and I talked nothing about sports in this podcast.

* I tell my really bad Farsi joke that cracks me up.
* We try to honor Tony Gwynn as best we could.
* We talk about Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter and how it stacks up in history. Kerry Wood and Harvey Haddix are mentioned.
* We talk about Eric Garcetti and his f-bomb.
* The obligatory OJ nostalgia trip.
* World Cup nonsense.
* Rian Johnson and Star Wars.
* We talk about the fisting class while in a car!!!

The podcast opens with Revolting Cocks’ “Beers, Steers and Queers” as heard on the Wax Trax Black Box compilation and ends with Coil’s “Teenage Lightning (10th Birthday Edition)” from Black Antlers. I even snuck in a bit of Foetus’s (J.G. Thirlwell’s) remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “Wish” entitled “Fist Fuck” from the Fixed EP.

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