Ep. 21 – Tales of Haunted Ass Toys

Brendan and Jimmy

We didn’t get into everything we wanted to talk about, but that’s all right. The songs played were PJ Harvey’s “Man Sized” and Trust’s “Geryon”. We talked about:

– Jimmy is tired from waking up early and watching Chelsea draw with Manchester City
– Brendan is wrong about when Bjork’s Homogenic was released.
– Jimmy’s haunted vibrating butt plug.
– New marvels in vibrating sex toy technology!
– Brendan thinks Jimmy’s sphincter is really tight.
– Brendan doesn’t know how to use his sex toys.
– Jimmy teaching baseball writers about gloryholes and drugs.
– Is the current generation really boring and dull?
– The horrors of discovering blog entries from 1999.
– Jimmy loves shame.
– How Brendan became a vegetarian.
– Jimmy misses smoking.
– Brendan doesn’t have hemorrhoids anymore!
– Jimmy loses a thought.
– Brendan’s review of Grand Budapest Hotel.
Twin Peaks spoilers.
– Rebirth of motorcycle gangs?
– SVU segments in future podcasts?
– Should Jimmy do a car chase recap blog?
– NFL blah blah blah.

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