Ep. 20 – Despite All My Rage I Am Still Just a Low-Level Mage

Brendan and Jimmy

Brendan is back from vacation, and we are trying to use that to distract all the rage that this week has left us. We really tried to avoid these subjects, but they inevitably creeped into the conversation. The music played was Pizzicato Five’s “Happy Sad” and Annie’s “Heartbeat”. We talked about:

– Brendan’s vacation and the hoax he perpetuated upon his newsletter subscribers.
– The outpouring of concern his subscribers showed him.
– Brendan talks about his actual vacation and actual snow!
– It’s really fucking hot here in LA.
– Apple, how fucking stupid they are especially for killing the iPod Classic.
– U2 sucks and are irrelevant.
– How to cope in a post iPod Classic world?
– Naked picture leaks, and why we’re okay if our nudie pics get shown to the public.
– If you take naked pictures, good for you! Don’t feel ashamed!
– The Dodgers and their tendency to not hit for stretches (including an interruption from Jimmy).
– How stupid Chris Perez was sending pot to his dog while with the Cleveland Indians.
– Jimmy still says the Giants will win the division.
– The Oakland Athletics went into a world of suck.
– The horrors of a Cardinals-Angels World Series.
– Sticktoitiveness? Really?
– Roger Goodell needs to be fired.

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