B&J Podcast Ep. 13 – Lucky Hole

Jimmy and Brendan

This podcast marks the return of sound effects!!! I apologize that they tend to drown out some the words we say, but most of our words are rubbish anyway. I will make sure to fix that in the next podcast.

This episode showcases my love for Courtney Love and Hole. The opening song is “Asking for It” with Kurt Cobain doing duet duties. The closing song is “Turpentine”, one of the first songs Hole wrote and recorded.

We talk about:

* The Tata Tops – bikini tops that look like exposed breasts
* Israel v. Palestine
* The Emmys
* The problem with Aaron Sorkin
* LeBron James
* The 35th anniversary of Disco Demolition Night and House music.
* Brendan’s newsletter

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