B&J Podcast Ep. 14 – The Sober Podcast

Brendan and Jimmy

Brendan and Jimmy

Both Brendan and I decided to experiment with this podcast: for the first time we did this sober. He was doing it out of sheer laziness. I was doing it because I was feeling a little something in my sinus that could portend to an illness or something like that. Nevertheless onward we trucked.

The podcast opens with Arab on Radar’s “Semen on the Mount” and ends with Ex-Model’s “Pink Noise”. Among the topics we discuss:

* Early-aughts no-wave revival
* Fake foreskin and fake smegma?
* Mating habits of the heterosexual
* Aaron Sorkin two-word reviews
* My left foot (with blood!!!)
* The B&J Podcast Book Review
* We mourn Antonia’s poor decision four years ago for marrying Matthew

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We might reward everyone with nude pictures next week!

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