Ep. 67 – Mediocre Art

Brendan and Jimmy

It’s been several weeks since our last podcast, and upon hearing this episode I have to warn you all: I call a lot of people cunts. We didn’t really talk about our absence at all, but we did have plenty to talk about.

– Right off the bat I talk shit about Grimes and Adele and how fucking dull their music is. Then we talk shit about Eddie Redmayne, St. Vincent and most of David Byrne’s work.
– We give a lot of praise to Mad Max Fury Road and Creed.
– Brendan is offended that I am not a huge TV Buffy fan.
– We talk about this “Golden State of Television” and my ambivalence towards it.
– I talk about my goal of becoming the Supreme Leader of America.
– I rail against Caitlyn Jenner and what a stupid cunt she is.
– Sofia Coppola love segues to Matthew Barney hate.
– Zack Greinke going to the Diamondbacks, and Yasiel Puig talk.

The podcast opens with Peaches’ “Dick in the Air” and ends with Haujobb’s “Failure”.

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