Ep. 68 – Happy 2016?

Brendan and Jimmy

Matthew HarrisonHappy new year! Hopefully? It’s our first episode in a few weeks, the first in the new year and we feature a guest! Our friend Matthew Harrison dropped by to inject some flavor in our movie talk — talk that we engaged in to avoid having to talk about our depressing as hell lives. Thank heavens for friends!

The episode opened with The Hearse’s “Dead City” off their self-titled debut album you can pick up on Bandcamp. The episode closes with Alter der Ruine’s “Soft Hours” which you can also get on Bandcamp.

– Brendan and I argue about David Bowie’s output over the last two decades.
– We agree on The Revenant — HATED IT!
– Brendan tries to convince me to watch the new Star Wars by making a comparison to Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy.
– We then have a scintillating conversation about streaming services and Hulu
Hateful Eight and Quentin Tarantino talk that Matthew Harrison interrupts.
– Matthew talks about living in Reno, and we devolve into a freeform conversation that eventually ends. Eventually.

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