Ep. 66 – No Attention Span Theater

Brendan and Jimmy

This episode is probably us at our worst with respect to attention span. We start talking about one thing and quickly get derailed into something else. It’s actually pretty interesting to listen to us trying to figure out what the hell we are talking about and how it all started. We talk:

– Al Jourgensen to Aimee Mann to Paul Thomas Anderson and the monstrosity that was Magnolia to Boogie Nights to 70s porn.
– Guns N Roses reunion rumors to grunge killing hair metal to Smashing Pumpkins to Bush.
– Brendan educates me about playing Fallout 4. I still don’t get it so we start talking about Infinite Jest, musing why some folks are very against abortion, to whether heteros are now forbidden from donating blood after the Charlie Sheen HIV revelation, to GG Allin to even more Infinite Jest.

The episode starts with Ministry’s “Reload” and ends with Coil’s “Backwards.”

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