Ep. 53 – Marriage Equality and Its Discontents

Brendan and Jimmy

In this episode we dispel the myth that every homosexual is celebrating on the streets that now they can get married like every other boring heterosexual. Look at the two ‘mos in this podcast. We talk about:

– Jimmy’s car drama and the mystery of where his mind have gone.
– The confederate flag and whether the rainbow flag should be taken down too.
– We start to delve into the the gay marriage decision
– Apparently Jimmy is the Elijah Muhammed of his community. And he’s the most ungrateful homosexual in this world.
– People really seem overjoyed about flawed mediocre-at-best legislation.
– Brendan doesn’t like the ending of this podcast even though we talk about Aleister Crowley’s take on baseball and Gay Shame.

The podcast opens with the Go-Go’s cover of “Johnny Are You Queer” and ends with Atari Teenage Riot’s “Sick To Death”.

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