Ep. 52 – What’s the Difference between NPR Snobs and White Supremacists?

Brendan and Jimmy

I love how if you look at our page on iTunes, they censor out all of the curse words that I write here. I find that endlessly hilarious even though I was thoughtful enough to put that parental advisory sticker on this. So I guess that is that. On this episode we talk about:

– Brendan talks about being stuck in the house thank to Obama wanting to be on Marc Maron’s podcast last Friday.
– NPR listeners didn’t like Kim Kardashian on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”.
– Rather than deal with the issues behind the Charleston shooting, we make fun of white supremacists.
– Girder your loins people. We talk sports. And Jurassic World.

Abba’s “Waterloo” opens up the podcast and we end with Mend’s “On the List”.

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