Ep. 54 – Movies, Tennis and Outrage

Brendan and Jimmy

Fuck life. This has nothing to do with the podcast or this episode and everything to do with why it’s getting published on a Thursday, five days after it was recorded. It also doesn’t help that we didn’t do a podcast last week. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

We talk about:

– What we were up to the last couple of weeks.
– Brendan is basically a dickhole throughout this entire podcast. But he does learn what “pith” is.
– We talk about movies, mainly the list from They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They.
– Our fatigue about outrage in which we talk about Serena Williams, the New York Times and all of you assholes who have no lives.
– Brendan admits he’s a user and an abuser. We talk about the Dodgers and make fun of Zack Greinke.
– Even more tennis!!!!

The podcast opens with “Alec Eiffel” from the Pixies and ends with “You Doo Right”, a Can cover from the Geraldine Fibbers.

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