Ep. 51 – Rachel Dolezal, Killing Jimmy and Yelp Reviews!

Brendan and Jimmy

Sorry we’re late again. It happens. So we recorded this where Brendan housesat which had one dog in particular that liked to run around. You can hear that occasionally in the background. In this episode we talk about:

– We start with Rachel Dolezal and it somehow morphed to watching Aphex Twin videos on acid, to student loans, to Caitlyn Jenner, to Kim Kardashian, to the genius of Kanye West, to Andy Kauffman.
– Brendan wonders if Jimmy took an estrogen pill which leads to a talk about Jerry Seinfeld.
– Brendan talks about how he would kill Jimmy and we have a confusing conversation about Nine Inch Nails’s Broken video. Then Jimmy talks about how he would kill himself.
– We read/make fun of funny/bad Yelp reviews of chain restaurants.

We open the podcast with Eminem’s “Survival” and end it with Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”

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