Ep. 50 – Skinny Puppy, Ecstasy, Hannibal, The Buried Giant and Questions

Brendan and Jimmy

We have reached 50 episodes!!!!!! Yeah, we made you wait this week mostly because of Jimmy’s laziness more than anything else. But here it is, the comedic tour de force you have come to expect from the two of us. We talk about:

– Jimmy’s 86-year old grandmother is a Skinny Puppy fan. The talk veers off to imagining the possibilities of Nine Inch Nails, The Musical if it were to ever happen, to 90s fashion aesthetics, to Brendan’s confusion as to how Jimmy lived through that time and never took Ecstasy.
– Brendan is happy Hannibal is back. Jimmy is trying to get into it but has some problems with it.
– We’re both reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant. There are huge problems with it. And Jimmy says what is perhaps the gayest thing he has ever said in 50 episodes of this nonsense.
– We answer questions! Not questions posed by listeners. But we troll Yahoo! Answers to stir up some trouble.
– Brendan talks The Nightmare.

The episode opened with Skinny Puppy’s “Killing Game” and ends with Experimental Dental School’s “Taco Chakra”.

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