Ep. 47 – Psy Fi and Sports

Brendan and Jimmy

Things happened last week. Brendan couldn’t record last Saturday, and Jimmy’s grandmother was too sick for Jimmy to leave the house.

– Brendan loves his herbal Italian liqueurs, and Jimmy has awful hangover prevention measures.
– Brendan liked the movie In and Out. Jimmy misses Shalom Harlow and the era of the supermodels.
– Jimmy doesn’t understand the appeal of superheros.
– Jimmy also doesn’t understand why people are obsessed with Star Wars and thinks Barbarella is a much better movie.
– Manny Ramirez laced a drink with Viagra back in the 2004 Red Sox playoff run. It worked.
– Brendan wanted to talk about Mayweather-Pacquiao. Jimmy talked about every other sports event instead.
– Jimmy gloated over Chelsea clinching the Premier League title. We segued into talking about High Fidelity.
– We’re going to start an advice segment!!!!!! Email us your questions!!!!!

The podcast starts with KMFDM’s “Son of a Gun” and ends with Belle and Sebastian’s “Piazza, New York Catcher”.

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