Ep. 46 – Genocide and Reboots

Brendan and Jimmy

What a shitty podcast we put out last week. We apologize and hope this week’s is a step up. We think it is. We talk about

– Brendan wanted to have a serious discussion of the Armenian genocide. Jimmy just wanted to talk about shitty Armenian driving in Glendale.
– Jimmy’s bored and Brendan got butt-hurt.
– We talk about the Full House and Coach reboots. Then we start reimagining Family Matters reboot. A Picket Fences reboot. 227 reboot.
– Brendan uses a gay porn analogy to explain the Marvel Black Widow controversy so that Jimmy can understand.
– Brendan talk about seeing a Deep Blue Sea Q&A and screening.
– The Dodger embarrassed themselves against the Giants this past week.

Einsurzende Neubauten’s “Armenia” open the podcast and “Hymnen” closed it.

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