Ep. 43 – A Happier Podcast

Brendan and Jimmy

The last podcast we did was pretty fucking depressing. Two weeks later, we’re both in a more upbeat mood. Brendan quit his job, and Jimmy was formally diagnosed with depression! FUN! We talk about:

– Brendan is FUNEMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!
– Jimmy’s first joke fell flat.
– Jimmy hates Easter clothes. Brendan loves them.
– Brendan thinks Jimmy has sex like Eeyore.
– The lads talk about Wrigley Field’s still ongoing renovations despite the season starting today.
– Jimmy is so happy that he’s been formally diagnosed with depression! And his 36th birthday!
– We talk about Scientology and when Brendan dressed up as Xenu.
– Jimmy wonders what kind of religion he can make up to discriminate against breeders in Indiana.
– We make fun of Indiana.
– Jimmy might go to a wedding if they served pizza at the reception.

We open the show with The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s “Abolish Work” and end with Nine Inch Nails’s “Heresy”.

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