Ep. 42 – We’re Unhappy

Brendan and Jimmy

In this podcast we’re unhappy. Well, mostly Brendan is unhappy. Jimmy just talks on oblivious to Brendan’s pain. As it should be. We talk about:

– Depeche Mode.
– Brendan is unhappy with life.
– Jimmy is happy his Bell’s Palsy-striken Dallas Aunt has left town.
– Jimmy makes fun of his cousin’s new daughter.
– Jimmy recounts his 30th birthday and his current cold sore outbreak.
– Brendan talks about some of the online word pieces he liked: Molly Lambert’s piece about the AVNs, The Atlantic takedown of AA, Cambodians and their donuts in Southern California (SUCK IT DUNKIN!!!!!!) and my remembrance of Joe McDonnell.
– Jimmy talks about this Grantland piece about the Oklahoma City media vs. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. We make fun of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.
– Prince!!!!!
– Brendan bitches that Jimmy is very hurtful to him off-mic.

Depeche Mode’s “Something To Do” opened the podcast up and Ladytron’s “Beauty*2” ended it.

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