Ep. 44 – Drugs and Baseball

Brendan and Jimmy

In a nutshell, that’s all this episode is about: drugs and baseball. Really, is there anything better in life than drugs and baseball? Just to be a little more specific, we talk about:

– Drive Like Jehu reminds Brendan of Donut Friend.
– Just because it’s Coachella weekend doesn’t mean traffic in LA is okay.
– Brendan is having apartment issues.
– Brendan is going on vacation! Wait. Isn’t he unemployed?
– Brendan wants to be a Steely Dan groupie.
– Doing drugs in our 30s sounds like a hassle.
– Jimmy’s last time on acid.
– Speaking of drugs, we talk about the Angels v. Josh Hamilton.
– And we talk the first week of the baseball season.
– Brendan implies Jimmy’s ancestors at one point fucked a panda.

The podcast starts with Drive Like Jehu’s “Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity” and ended with Aphex Twin’s “Fresher + Cleaner” from the Soundcloud dump of a few months ago.

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