Ep. 37 – We’re Sorry

Brendan and Jimmy

This past week, we teased that this episode would be our live commentary as we watched 50 Shades of Grey. This episode is not. We couldn’t hunt down a screener — we don’t think they even issued screeners — so we couldn’t do this. For one of the very few times, we apologize. But that didn’t stop us from talking about it.

– Jimmy reads the first paragraph, and it’s pretty bad. We absolutely trash and kill the book.
– We talk about the 2002 film Secretary and how it was a much better depiction of a BDSM relationship.
– St. Valentine doesn’t exist!
– Kanye West and the Grammys. Who cares about the fucking Grammys? But Jimmy loves loves loves loves other awards shows.
– Brendan tries to find the title of the Aphex Twin song we ended with. This podcast was originally 90 minutes long, but Jimmy edited it down to this. That’s why we sound absolutely fatigued and loonier than normal at the very end.

The podcast opened up with Depeche Mode’s “Master and Servant” and ended with Aphex Twin’s “(HAB un23)(unfinished)”.

We will do a live commentary of 50 Shades of Grey once we get our grubby hands on a copy. But again, we apologize.

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