Ep. 38 – The Movie Clip Show

Brendan and Jimmy

Since Sunday is the Oscars and Brendan is out in Joshua Tree tripping the hell out, here is a clip show for you. Part of it is that the last several weeks we recorded these long long long podcasts that I (Jimmy) had to edit the fuck out. So we had a wealth of material unheard, so here it is. We talk about:

– Movies we actually liked from 2014 and looking back to the movies of 2010.
– The shitty Imitation Game Oscar campaign which led to us talking about Cecil B. Demented and the genius of John Waters.
– The stupid plastic American Sniper baby which seamlessly transitioned to a Lar Von Trier discussion.
– Jimmy watched Law & Order: SVU and Murder, She Wrote.
– Katy Perry and Femme 2 Femme.

The podcast opened with Unwound’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” and closed with Madonna’s “Crazy for You.”

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