Ep. 36 – Brendan Thinks He’s Right About Everything Like Every Other Heterosexual Man

Brendan and Jimmy

It’s been a couple of weeks, and we talked a lot. And by “we”, it should be understood that it was Brendan who blahed and blahed and blahed. The podcast was edited down from three hours to something a bit more manageable.

The podcast opens with Switchblade Symphony’s “Clown” and Einsturzende Neubauten’s “The Willy-Nicky Telegrams” from their excellent new album Lament.

John Wick and reassessing Keanu Reeves as an actor which quickly morphed into wondering if the Wachowskis are actually good filmmakers.
– Jimmy agreed with Brendan. Birdman is a fucking awful movie.
– Brendan blabs about more movies.

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