Ep. 35 – Celebrity Sightings!

Brendan and Jimmy

Still no fucking fatwas. Oh well. Somehow this became our celebrity episode. In this episode:

– We talk a lot of shit about Matthew Barney.
– We talk a lot of goodness about Bjork.
– Brendan had a celebrity sighting while watching Blackhat.
– We got off on an Angelina Jolie digression. And somehow we get on the batshit crazy Willow and Jaden Smith NY Times interview.
– Jimmy talks about his Salma Hayek run-ins while misusing cliches.
– And Angelina Jolie at Ralph’s, Ron Perlman at Mayfair, Glenn Danzig cleaning up his motherfucking bricks.
– Jimmy couldn’t remember the name of Bjork’s new album Vulnicura.

Sleater-Kinney’s “Fangless” opened up this podcast, and Bjork’s “Stonemilker” ended it.

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