Ep. 34 – Disappointment

Brendan and Jimmy

Jimmy begged for a fatwa last week, and much to his disappointment none was issued. But we move on, step by step. In this episode we talk about:

– Jimmy talked about gay jokes.
– Brendan talks about Richard Pryor talking shit at a gay right fundraiser back in the 70s and 80s.
– Brendan jerks off talking about his love of Hudson Hawk.
– Jimmy is sort of rooting for the Supreme Court to ban gay marriage.
– We ramble on about The Runaways, David Foster Wallace, Selma.
– Jimmy talks about killing himself. Yet again.
– Brendan enjoyed this podcast.

Babes In Toyland’s cover of “All By Myself” opened up this episode, and Psychic TV’s “I.C. Water” ended things.

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