Ep. 33 – Can We Get a Fatwa?

Brendan and Jimmy

Happy new years motherfuckers! Of course we were going to talk about the Charlie Hedbo killings, but we are both pissed at some of the pussies who have decided to chime in their two cents into this. We talk about:

– Jimmy is a little sick and sounds like he has a penis lodged in his throat. Brendan makes fun of him.
– Fuck you. Islam is a religion, and all religions are fucking stupid. And they all deserve to be mocked.
– Allah and Mohammad can suck Jimmy’s asshole.
– Brendan tries to bring some class into this podcast. Jimmy, as always, tries to take it all the way to the gutter.
– If this podcast doesn’t get a fatwa issued on our heads, Jimmy will be very disappointed.
– All jihadis are ugly according to Jimmy.
– Fundamentalist anythings are all assholes.
– Oh, and some white honky asshole bombed a NAACP building in Colorado.
– Moral of the podcast: just chill out, bro.

The podcast opens with Ween’s “Piss Up a Rope” and ends with Karen Finley’s “Tales of Taboo (Radio Mix)”.

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