Ep. 32 – Have a Very Emo New Year!

Brendan and Jimmy

Somehow, someway we made it through Christmas. Brendan and Jimmy came through it afflicted with an existential crisis. And for two extremely depressed blokes, they sure did laugh a lot in this podcast.

We start the podcast off with Unwound’s “Summer Freeze” and end with PJ Harvey’s cover of Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is?” In between we talked about:

– The hard freeze (not really) in Los Angeles.
– Brendan is depressed and struck with malaise.
– Jimmy realizes he’s right to be cynical about family gatherings for Christmas.
– Koreans and religion!
– Brendan watched The Interview!
– Cheesy 90s goth acts!
– Jimmy masturbated to Black Tape for a Blue Girl in college!
– The economics of Video on Demand!
– Brendan yells at me for liking the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters!
– Jimmy ponders why teenybopper singers and groups like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and One Direction are still popular despite the music industry imploding.
– Jared Leto’s penis!
– More fisting porn talk!!!
– Does the bottom take the top’s last name when they gay marry?
– Jimmy promises to livecam his suicide!
– We list our favorite 2014 albums!

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