Ep. 31 – We’re Back!

Brendan and Jimmy

We’re back from our little hibernation! The days are getting shorter and colder, so warm your sexy bodies up next to ours! In this episode we talk about:

– Right off the bat, Jimmy cusses out Brendan.
– Jimmy talks about the sudden loss of all of his books.
– Brendan quickly brushes past his camping stories to talk about movies.
– The evil American empire trying to blame the Sony hack on Jimmy’s North Korea’s brothers.
– We unveil our list of things we hope North Korea will help us get rid of.
– What’s the last good Ridley Scott movie? Thelma & Louise?
– Jimmy invokes Satan after finding out Ridley Scott is going to do Blade Runner 2.
– Some Black Mirror love.
– Baseball HOT STOVE TALK!!! aka Making fun of the San Diego Padres.

Ruby’s “Flippin Tha Bird (Ceasefire Mix)” is our introduction song, and we play D’Angelo’s “The Charade” to end the whole damn thing.

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