Ep. 29 – We’ve Lost It and Hate Everything and Everyone

Brendan and Jimmy

Sometimes there’s a lot of shittiness going on in this fucked up world of ours, we have to vent. That’s what this podcast is. We rage about:

– Babes in Toyland playing a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Jimmy rages about being stuck on the 405 and sort of goes nuts.
– Jimmy rages about people talking about fighting hate with love and how retarded that is.
– Brendan talks about how Japan’s prime minister just dissolved parliament.
– We talk about how stupid it was for ESPN to suspend Keith Law from Twitter for defending science.
– Brendan tries to do a movie review with very little success.
– Jimmy officially secedes from the Union.
– Ted Cruz and Yakety Sax.
– Jimmy relives an amusing and infuriating OK Cupid exchange.
– Brendan hates “lol”.
– Brendan rehashes this week’s Law & Order: SVU.

Appropriately this podcast opens with Babes In Toyland’s “Bruise Violet” as Kat Bjelland screams “You fucking bitch I hope your insides rot,” at the top of her lungs. We end with Atari Teenage Riot’s “Sick to Death”.

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