Ep. 28 – Jimmy Is Angry

Brendan and Jimmy

It seems that Jimmy is a very angry person. Apparently. Somehow Brendan withstood the offensive, and we talked about:

– Early podcast hostilities.
– Brendan’s obsession with Jamiroquai.
– Jimmy’s night out last Saturday and the characteristics of a good party.
– Brendan loves “Deeper and Deeper”.
– Jimmy nicked his ballsack while shaving.
– Brendan recaps this week’s SVU.
– Brendan yells at Jimmy for misusing the “Parklife” sound bite.
– Brendan hates firemen.
– Jimmy admits he’s a misogynist feminist and talks about the only time he attempted hetero sex.
– We laugh at Jose Canseco’s middle finger falling off during a poker tournament.
– We talk baseball awards and how playoffs cheapen championships.

We opened with Blur’s “Parklife” and ended with their 1996 classic “Charmless Man”.

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