Ep. 30 – A Very Special Episode of the B&J Podcast

Brendan and Jimmy

Tune to this week’s very special episode as the lads delve into race and protesting and how people’s reaction to both drive them both up the fucking wall.

– Someone needs to fix Brendan’s plumbing.
– The lads have a role reversal: Brendan is angry and Jimmy is mellow. Sort of.
– Brendan talks about why he hated Interstellar.
– Ferguson. We talked about it.
– Jimmy watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles instead of watching Ferguson burn.
– Brendan talks about Richard Sherman’s presser.
– Jimmy very nearly makes the most tasteless unfunny joke he has ever made.
– How badly the NFL fucked up the Ray Rice discipline.
– Brendan ends the episode with his Springer-esque Final Thought.

The music featured in this episode is Annie’s cover of Stacy Q’s “Two of Hearts” and Haujobb’s Seasons Change: Springtime remix of :wumpscut:’s “Die In Winter” as found on The Remix Wars: Strike 1 released by the now-defunct 21st Circuitry Records.

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