Ep. 24 – Ebola and Anal Leakage

Brendan and Jimmy

It’s been two weeks, but here’s the new podcast. We talk about:

– Apologies for no podcast last week. It was shit.
– Jimmy has apparently caught Ebola. We talked about the hysteria behind it.
– How we first met.
– Brendan has been working for his money, and we talk sex toys like the Tantus Pelt paddle. What else is new?
– Wolf Dicks, Brendan’s half-assed SVU segment.
– Jimmy expands on what he would do if he were the baseball commissioner

We opened the podcast with Shellac’s “You Came In Me” off their new album Dude Incredible and ended with Mariah Carey’s “Love Takes Time”. Early in the podcast you’ll also catch a snippet of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Insensatez” from the Lost Highway soundtrack.

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