Ep. 25 – 59 Minutes of Hate

Brendan and Jimmy

Oh boy. Some might be offended by this episode. If you’re sensitive, don’t listen. We talk about:

– Jimmy says the worst things about the school shooting up by Seattle.
– Jimmy says the worst things about Taylor Swift.
– Jimmy presents his list of people he wants to get Ebola. He might have also said a certain US Senator can only get sexually aroused by having an eight-year old boy shit in his mouth. Allegedly.
– Brendan hates his cackle.
– Brendan summarizes the last episode of Law and Order SVU.
– Jimmy learns that some men don’t know what the concept of consent is.
– Jimmy idolizes Lorena Bobbit.
– Brendan spends the entire time squirming uncomfortably as Jimmy spewed diarrhea from his mouth.
– Matthew Harrison is an asshole.

This podcast opens with Julie Brown’s classic “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” and ends with Aphex Swift’s “Starlightlicker”.

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