B&J Podcast Ep. 15 – The Fuck the NFL, ESPN and Hemorrhoids Episode

Brendan and Jimmy

There are a lot of fuck ups in this episode. For one, I refer to this as our 14th episode in the opening. Oops. Then later on we talk about the MLB All Star Game that ended in a tie. I mistakenly referred to it as having occurred in 2003 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh ending in the 14th inning. It actually happened in 2002 at Miller Park in Milwaukee and ended in the 11th inning. Sorry.

The podcast opened with Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and ends with Fifth Column’s “All Women Are Bitches”. We talked about:

* The NFL’s laughable punishment to Ray Rice for knocking out his fiance-cum-wife earlier this year.
* ESPN, and more specifically Stephen A. Smith’s, victim blaming.
* WEEI and their misogynist remarks about Erin Andrews.
* A lot of me just so apoplectic beyond words.
* My hemmorhoid.
* Me filming myself masturbating.
* Kinks we can’t handle.
* Bruce La Bruce.

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