Ep. 63 – Stormy Weather

Brendan and Jimmy

Weather is truly terrifying. While we don’t talk about it the entire hour, I think you can hear it in our voices throughout the episode that it’s not too far from our minds. We talk about:

– We talk stormy weather, specifically Hurricane Patricia. Brendan somehow gets butthurt when he is pointed out that he was spouting misinformation. Jimmy is terrified about everything.
– Don Mattingly leaving the Dodgers
– Brendan is anxious about seeing the five-hour directors cut of Wim Wender’s Until the End of the World.
– Brendan could move to Colorado. Jimmy could move to Louisiana or Montana. Then Jimmy tells his pants pissing story.

The Pixies “Stormy Weather” opens the episode while Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “(I’ll Love You) Until the End of the World” closes it out.

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