Ep. 60 – We Solve Everything!

Brendan and Jimmy

We took the week off. I went and had a “wild” weekend while Brendan played video games nonstop in his darkened apartment. In this episode we talk about:

– Burning Man. Maybe Brendan will ship my ass over to Burning Man next year to either to document it or to kill me.
– My grandmother is going to kill me and I bitch and bitch and bitch. Brendan is not sympathetic.
– I tried to play a video game. Poorly.
– 9/11 remembrances!!! How fun!
– We talk MTV original programming and being gay in high school.
– We then doubled back to 9/11 and the crazy conspiracy theories out there!

The episode opens with The Unicorns’ “William, Clap Your Hands” and ends with The Pixies’ “Bone Machine”.

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