Ep. 17 – Comedy of Errors

Brendan and Jimmy

Despite the title of this podcast, this is the best episode yet! Da bomb as the kids would say about 20 years ago when we were kids. We talk about:

– Jimmy getting a new lappy thanks to Mr. Benjamin Ackerman.
– Hiking to the Hollywood sign and not meeting P-22.
– Twin Peaks and an argument about Dana Ashbrook’s character Bobby’s last name.
– David Lynch and how Twin Peaks worked in the early 90s.
Mulholland Drive vs. Lost Highway.
Ed Wood and Vin Scully’s Bela Legosi story.
Snowpiercer and the awesomeness of Tilda Swinton
The Returning
– Brad Pitt aka Camel Fetus Face
– Ugh. Rand Paul.
– An LA Riot story.
– California rules baseball and hockey! Suck it!
– Jimmy sings.

It was a shitty week with the events in Ferguson, MO, Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and everything else. We really tried to steer clear of fanning the flames of fury.

The music we played “Worlock” by Skinny Puppy and “Bela Legosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus with a brief interlude of Tosca’s “Suzuki”.

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